My weekend #rabbits #stopmotion #felting
Being in media city feels like I’m in the future… #manchester


Things I’d like in my future properly grown up home:

1. ridiculously soft bed sheets

2. a vegetable patch

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Sitting with dogs = best time of day

hairy knees
Late #nationaldogday #collie #spaniel Sidney, 14
Q: Hi, how are you: :) I just wanted to tell you that I really like your tumblr, it's awesome :)

I’m well thanks! Hope you are too! And thank you :)

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amazing being able to see so many brilliant shows, so much talent in two days! #edfringe please never leave..

looking for some gentle, instrumental, music to accompany a sunny paint hands puppets crafty video I’m making for someone - can anyone help?

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Across Windermere and Beyond by Bobrad on Flickr.

mentally preparing myself for leaving home again in september
Easily the best live music I’ve heard and in an amazing venue! Beirut, Albert Hall Manchester